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Benefits of hiring a man with a van


Benefits of Hiring a Man and Van Removal Company in London

From professional organization to peace of mind, there are numerous advantages to hiring a man with a van in London.  Oneplace2save prides itself on being the best London removal company, with more than a decade’s experience of delivering a wide variety of man and van services across the whole of London, and beyond. In this blog, we will take you through just a few of the benefits of hiring a man and van removal company in London.


You Know What to Expect

If you hire a man and van, you also agree on a time and a schedule of how the day is expected to pan out.

You won’t have to try to track down that friend who promised they could bring a van and definitely wouldn’t be late… neither do you have to work out the logistics of hiring a van and guessing how many loads you will need, how long it will take you to load and unload

You can be sure that we will turn up promptly, in the most appropriate size and the correct number of vans for the task, and that we will load, transport, and unload your belongings with the maximum care and efficiency.

Being a London-based man and van company, we also know the best routes to take to avoid traffic and will plot our route to and from your starting location and your final destination.

Apart from unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we should be with you at the time agreed. If we are going to be late (such as in the case of a car accident causing traffic) we will be sure to contact you to let you know that we are delayed. We will give you an updated estimated time of arrival and keep in contact should anything else slow us down. This way, you know what is happening and can adjust timings.


You Can Relax

Following on from our first point, we hope that knowing that we have all aspects of your move covered should enable you to feel relaxed or, at least, not too stressed.

We know that there is a lot of anxiety associated with relocating, whether it is your home or your office, but we try to make the process as painless as possible by going the extra mile.

From reattaching electrical equipment in your office to suggesting storage solutions for your new home, no job is too big or detail too small for our friendly and efficient team.


One Company for all you’re a man with a van needs

For some people, hiring a man and van services is a one-off, such as for moving home or clearing an office. Other individuals, and particularly companies, may have regular need of a man with a van in London.

A few examples of repeated customers are those in the film and TV production industry, who may need to transport electrical equipment such as cameras, monitors, sound and lighting equipment multiple times during a shoot. The same applies to delicate props, costumes, and even small vehicles, such as motorcycles in all states of being.

We have been trusted by clients to transport and handle such valuable items for many years.

Likewise, we have performed home moves for clients who have then hired us for an office clearance, or vice versa. This is our goal.

Once you have used our services once, we hope you’ll agree with our previous satisfied customers and feel entirely happy to use us for your next man and van job, and the ones after that too.

So, if you are looking for a man and van hire in London, get in touch using your preferred method from our contact panel to the right of your screen for a free no-obligation chat. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Man & Van Moving service London


Choosing the Right Man & Van Moving Services in London

There are many elements that could affect your choice of removals company. Location, price, and availability are probably the most obvious factors, but you should also take into account reputation and added value.

Oneplace2save has been operating as a multi-service ‘a man with a van’ company for more than a decade. We know what to watch out for and how to separate genuine companies from the ‘too good to be true. In this blog, we’ll take you through the process of choosing the right man & van moving service London for your move.


Where & When?

If you are looking for a man with a van in London, you shouldn’t be short of choices. There are many, many companies out there all claiming to be the ‘best London movers’. However, there are a few things you should research before taking them at their word.

  • Local knowledge – are they actually based in London, will they know the shortcuts, parking rules, and rush hours to maximize efficiency? – we do
  • Will they work around your schedule to ensure your move or office clearance takes place when it is most convenient for you? – we will
  • Do they offer transparent evening, weekend, and bank holiday rates so you can make an informed decision? – we do


Quote Comparison

Now that you’ve ascertained the where and when you will most likely start looking at prices. It is not difficult to find cheap movers in London. However, it is more difficult to find London movers who offer real value for money. That’s where we come in. You should always obtain at least two or three quotes before making your decision. The vaguer the initial assessment, the more scope there is for companies to add on charges later. This means you should be clear in which services you need, but also make sure the company isn’t trying to confuse you into thinking you will be paying one amount, knowing the final tally will be much higher.

At Oneplace2save, we will perform an audit and take an inventory, to provide you with a detailed, personalized quote, free, and at no obligation. This way you can see exactly what the full cost will be and budget accordingly.

Equally, if a price sounds too cheap, beware that that company makes be cutting corners. Always check that they have Public Liability and Goods in Transit insurance, as we do. Any company that doesn’t will leave you open to potential damage costs.


Value Added

If everything checks out, you should consider whether your quote represents added value. For example, you may have a great quote for the move itself, but have you considered other costs such as waste disposal?

As a multi-service offering, we can take care of every aspect of your move, if so wish. We can help you pack and unpack, disassemble and reassemble furniture, reconnect your washing machine and other appliances, and even hang pictures, change lightbulbs, and suggest storage solutions. Speaking of storage, we can also offer you long-term storage solutions for items you may not have room for but are not willing to part with. Alternatively, we can get rid of your unwanted items, including IT equipment in a GDPR compliant and eco-friendly manner. We may even be able to pay you for larger IT items.


Best London Removal Company

Who is the best London removal company? Well, obviously, we’re going to say it’s us. We are proud of the work we do, our professionalism, and our friendly team. We strive to deliver a first-class service to every customer and believe we succeed in making your move progress without a hitch.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, see what just a small selection of our hundreds of happy customers say about us in our reviews section.

We look at each job on an individual basis. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please get in touch using the contact panel on the right f your screen or use the live chat function for a fast response.

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