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Reliable Piano Movers London

London piano movers are in high demand in the capital, but there’s one company you can truly rely on for efficiency, care and friendliness, and that is oneplace2save. We are a multi-service company specialising the in the transport of precious goods, and pianos are no exception.

You may be moving an upright piano between venues for different shows, be transporting one to a new owner or be moving it as part of a house move. Whatever the reason, our piano moving London based service is second to none.

We have been trading since 2008, so our drivers are more than familiar with the best routes around the capital to protect your piano.

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Piano Movers Since 2008. Our Piano Removal Team are Experienced, Helpful and Fully Insured.

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Trusted Upright Piano Movers London

Pianos are grand, heavy and delicate in equal measures, so they require the utmost care. We understand that your piano is one of your most prized possessions, and removal and installation of it will need a specialised service.

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Trusted Upright Piano Movers in London in Action

We strongly advise against trying to moving the instrument alone, especially up or down stairs.

We do more than load up and drive. Let our experienced team of professionals do the work for you. They do this on a daily basis so know the best ways to navigate tricky areas and can share the load, saving you from injury and your piano from damage.

In transit, it will be packed up so as to avoid damage and be kept in a sturdy position throughout its journey. When we arrive at the destination, we will treat the piano with respect and help to get it safety into its next venue or premises.

Save with Us

Don’t risk damage. You don’t want to spend a small fortune trying to repair a piano which has been harmed in transit.

Rest assured that our team of London piano movers will handle your piano with the highest level of care.

Piano Movers London
Care, Transport, Prompt Help. Our Piano Movers has an Outstanding Rate in Piano Moving


We have experience working with many clients, including motorcycle recovery and transport services and film equipment transportation. The tailored service we provide to all of our clients includes implementing measures to secure precious possessions and equipment. As a result, you can guarantee that with our London piano removals and moving expertise, you will get the same quality service.

Get in touch with us for a personalised quote and we will be willing to assist you in any way we can. From the planning through to the transportation, you have our support all the way. Beyond our reliable and safe transportation of the piano, our fantastic team has also been recognised for the following reasons:


Each of our services is designed so that they fit seamlessly into your budget. Let us know your expectations and we will offer a solution which is equally effective, secure and great value. When you and we both know the personalised plan of action, your customer experience is improved greatly.


We understand that your piano is one of your most esteemed possessions. Just as with any of your precious and delicate belongings, we are extremely careful in ensuring our London piano movers make the transportation and installation smooth and successful, to your standards.


Our upright piano moving London experts have the experience and acumen to perform these tasks successfully every time. With many years in the industry, we have worked on many assignments which have brought joy to our customers. Moreover, the team is effectively trained to complete every job with precision.


Our clients can be confident that we will stick to our word. Partnering with us brings a promise of the highest quality job completion. Satisfied customers understand that the efficiency of our service is never compromised, no matter how challenging the job may seem. We strive to only provide the best in everything we do.


The fantastic team is what makes us brilliant, and so we are immensely proud of them every day. As well as experts, they are friendly, professional and empathetic towards our clients.

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If you like what you’re seeing, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! If you have an upright piano that needs transporting in any measure, then we would love to hear from you. We do not transport grand pianos.

Fill in our online quote form or contact us directly!

The Right Questions to Ask Your Piano Movers in London

Piano moving from one apartment to another or to a storage location for that matter can be an overwhelming task if you take it upon yourself to do it.

As Pianos are the heavier, delicate and of such a shape that moving them needs to be done with great care and precision, you should remain extra cautious while moving them from one place to the other. Furthermore, space from which they are to be moved might be smaller ones or have lots of staircases/sharp edges as well.

You have to look at all such aspects minutely. Therefore, it is high time you have a look at the enlisted help options of piano movers in London to move your piano without facing any challenge. You will have a better idea to fulfill this task skillfully.

Once you have approached a reputed company that is specializing in the piano removals in London, you must ensure that you asked the right questions to their representatives at the very first juncture.

Ask that particular company regarding the entire piano removal process. Let them also keep you abreast of the multiple options for the task to be finished professionally. No way should you compromise while dealing with them.

Find out about the packing of the piano

You should be aware of the entire process of how a piano will get packed by those professionals, and if they seek a special arrangement. It is an important step, and it can’t be taken cursorily.

For instance, you can ask the chosen piano movers to ensure that they show you the pictures or videos of how the packing process works to get a rough idea of the services offered. If not, just an explanation would also do for your peace of mind. They must showcase professionalism to convince you.  

Piano transportation details are necessary

Your London-based piano movers must have all the necessary transportation options to move your piano from one location to the final destination without causing any hindrance. Transportation should be spacious, sturdy, and preferably have a temperature control device so that damage from high temperature/heat can be avoided at all the time.

Ask whether insurance is offered 

A piano is an expensive and valuable musical instrument. It remains close to your heart and therefore you will like it to be given additional care. If something unforeseen happens during the piano removal process, you don’t want to bear the expenses, right? You can’t face such tough situations that something precious to you perishes due to carelessness.

Therefore, you must ask your piano movers in London if they provide insurance coverage or not for the removal process.  

Know the estimate

Questioning about the estimated budget of the entire piano moving job is an essential factor so that you can decide whether the move is feasible for you or not. It will help bring things into perspective to the piano removals in London for that you can plan things accordingly.

Oneplace2save should be your first choice of piano movers in London. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field, and so are we well-acquainted with the piano removal process. Get in touch now.

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