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Office Clearance London
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Our trusted office clearance London services span everything from your traditional office block to factories, schools and colleges. We understand that in all industries, there is bound to be a time when you require an upgrade of technology or equipment at some point.

Whenever the circumstances arise for your organisation, you can rely on us for the most efficient office clearance in London.

Varied Portfolio of Clients

We have successfully provided the best quality, thorough office clearance service to organisations in London for many years.

From large corporate companies to SMEs, public sector organisations and schools, we can adapt our site or office clearance service to each client. No two jobs are the same, which is why you will get a personalised quote when you contact us. This will help us to allocate the type of vehicles you need, as well as the number of staff to help.

London Office Clearance Experts
London Office Clearance Experts

Whether it’s a couple of desks or an entire classroom, training room or large-scale office space, our office clearance in London is at your service. We have received many fantastic reviews from clients over the years.

The Complete Office Clearance Service

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Outstanding Office Clearance in London

Our site and office clearance process begins with an audit of all the furniture to be cleared. From this, we can understand the scope of the job and also judge the condition of each item. We dispose and recycle a lot of office equipment, and are fully licenced by the Environment Agency for the collection and disposal of domestic and commercial waste.

Part of our multi-faceted office clearance service offering allows us to provide environmentally friendly disposal of obsolete or unwanted office equipment. In doing so, we proudly comply with European and UK Environment Agency standards and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives, as well as GDPR compliant IT equipment disposal and recycling.

Efficiency is our Priority

It’s our priority, and it’s probably yours, too. After all, with any kind of disruption in the workplace, you want as little disturbance as possible, be it a busy office or a college site. The great value and speedy office clearance service we offer makes sure to prioritise your time.

We aim to cause as little disruption as possible, not only to you, but to your personnel, production processes and IT systems. If you contact us within plenty time of the preferred clearance date, we can accurately plan what we will take, and when, to keep interruptions to a minimum.

If, however, it is a last-minute thing, don’t worry. Our team will use their experience and initiative to pack up goods effectively and thoughtfully so as not to distract staff who are working.

Office Furniture Recycling
We Clear Everything. Reliable Office Clearance Services

While you may see us as just a man and van service, as part of the package you receive from us and depending on how much time you require our services for, our strong team can help you to manoeuvre things into the right places, too.

As a respected choice for large and small-scale office clearance in London, we are happy to go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with the job from start to finish.

Oneplace2save Clearance Division

Our Clearance Division spans from office clearances to housing clearance and removals, too.

Whatever you need transporting from one place to another, or simply disposing of safely, you can rely on our fleet of trustworthy modern vans and a friendly team who aren’t afraid to get stuck in to help.

Below is a selection of the varied services we offer throughout our entire clearance service:

  • House and Flat
  • Garden and Garage
  • Factory and Site Clearance
  • Waste Management & Rubbish Clearance
  • Office Chairs and Desks
  • Filing Cabinets, Cupboards and Bookcases
  • Reception and Boardroom Furniture
  • Industrial equipment: Machinery, Tools, Racking
  • Metal Waste, Wood, Paint Tins
  • Computer and IT Responsible Disposal
  • Car Tyres and Batteries

Amongst these, and with most other things imaginable, we can take care of the removal for you. Get in touch with our friendly team with any inquiries and we will see what we can do to help you, whether it’s home, factory or office clearance services you are looking for.

For your peace of mind, our staff will be uniformed so that you know you are getting the real deal.

Expert Office Clearance in London

There may be many reasons why you require our services in office clearance, from an IT or furniture upgrade to moving to bigger or smaller, premises, or even switching to a remote working system. Whatever the circumstances, it can be a stressful and disruptive time for your business. From itemizing equipment to disposing of old furniture, there is a lot to do and it can feel overwhelming. Oneplace2save is a respected London home and office clearance services company with more than a decade’s experience. Here are our top tips for pulling off a stress-free office clearance.

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Make a List
  3. Tell your staff, clients, & Customers
  4. Don’t Panic
  5. Hire Professionals

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    Reliable Office Clearances London, We Clear Any Office Size

Try to Plan Ahead

Ideally, you should start to plan your office move or office clearance a couple of months in advance.

Thus, the optimum timeframe for office clearance in London, but we understand that, depending on the circumstances that have necessitated the office clearance, this may not always be possible.

However, if you do know in advance that you are going to be moving or disposing of office furniture and equipment you should create an itinerary, a clear timeline with step-by-step instructions outlining what needs to be done when each step should be completed, and who is responsible for ensuring each task is accomplished.

For example, in a smaller office, most tasks may fall to the office manager, but you will likely need to rely on your IT technicians to migrate systems over to new equipment, ensure phone lines are correctly connected. The more staff you employ, the more complicated this process can be.

Having plenty of time to accomplish each task means you can break it down into manageable chunks, meaning the whole process is far less likely to cause you stress.

Make an Itemised List

Your office should already have a full list of business assets, for compliance and tax purposes. However, before an office clearance or move, you should take the time to make sure that your list is accurate and fully up to date.

Capital assets are the equipment that you use in the course of your business. In an office, this is likely to be computers, laptops, printers, and copying machines. These depreciate over time, so if you are upgrading your equipment you may need to update your contents insurance.

Divide the list into items you are going to dispose of, and record if any need specialist disposal.

Next, record the condition of every piece of furniture and equipment that you are holding on to, including taking clear photographs. This way you have clear evidence should the worst happen, and something gets lost or damaged in transit.

Finally, check off each item as it is packed away or disposed of, and check it again when it arrives in your new office (if applicable).

Inform Staff, Clients, & Customers

If you know the office clearance in London is looming, you can work around it to ensure minimum disruption to your business. One of the ways you can do this is by being open and honest with your staff, clients, and customers.

Whatever the reason for your office clearance, your staff needs to know so that they too can plan around the inevitable upheaval.

For instance, don’t schedule walk around with prospective clients if they are going to be greeted by an anxious office manager or rooms full of boxes.

Instead, you can reschedule meetings or hold them offsite, taking the opportunity to meet clients in a more relaxed and social situation may be beneficial to your business as it shows a different side to your company.

Encourage staff to accomplish the tasks they need to get done ahead of the move so that you don’t have someone working to a deadline while the office furniture clearance in London is going on around them.

The same goes for client calls, as you may find it’s hard to hear above the sound furniture and equipment being moved.

In London office clearance essential part is to let your customers know when and where you are moving to, to retain their business.

Social media can be a great way to get the word out, but it’s also important to speak to your current clients and customers directly, whether by phone, email, or SMS.

Once you’ve moved to remember to update your website and all marketing materials with your new address.

Don’t Panic if Something Goes Wrong

This might sound contradictory but, once you have a plan in place, having the flexibility to alter it to suit a change in circumstances will help you to feel more in control. As the saying goes ‘life is what happens when you are busy making plans’ so if there is a deviation, try not to panic.

Having a plan to take Office Clearance service in London in place, complete with a chain of command, means that if your office manager calls in sick the day of the move, you have already ticked off the majority of tasks on schedule and you can delegate the last few jobs to another member of staff.

Hire Professionals

The easiest way to reduce the stress of your office clearance is to hire a company you trust to manage the process professionally and efficiently.

oneplace2save – handle all kinds of office clearances in London, and beyond. From simple removal and (eco-friendly) disposal of furniture and equipment to full office moves.

Having been in the business since 2008, our dedicated team has built up an excellent reputation, with glowing reviews from customers to set your mind at ease.

Over the years, we’ve honed our process to maximize time and efficiency. We know how to work around you to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

You can rest assured that, no matter the scope of your office clearance requirements, our friendly team will complete the job efficiently and even clear up any mess left from the moving of goods.

Since 2008, oneplace2save has been a top-class multi-service company. We can adapt to your requirements; all you need to do is ask. We value our clients very much and are more than happy to go the extra mile.

You can trust in our experienced team and their solutions develop complete office clearance solutions for every client.

best office clearance team London
Best Office Clearance Team London

So, why not get in touch to discuss your office clearance in London requirement?

Based elsewhere? Don’t worry, we may still be able to accommodate your request, give us a call to find out.

Why Office Clearance Is an Essential Aspect of Business Management?

Office Clearance London
Office Clearance London

Your office space is supposed to remain the clutter-free and well-organized place to be called the workspace that attracts the workers. It ascertains that your employees, as well as your work, go on in an encouraging and tidy environment. Don’t forget this key fact that your office is like your second home. So, you need to take care of it by clearing it out as and when required and to maintain proper decorum.

For this, you must approach the professional service providers who are experts in office clearance in London. Such steps become more important particularly if you are not abreast of it how to go about it. You will find several professional teams working on this front to offer you excellent services.

Let us highlight a few points to convince you why your office clearance in London is of paramount value. It is always necessary as an essential component of business management to run business operations successfully in an environment that all your employees and everybody who matters the most like and appreciates the efforts that were put on.

Clean professional space for business operations 

Until and unless, your office space is clean, manageable, and is an appropriately arranged one, neither your employees nor you will be able to concentrate on the works to accomplish. And, in the long run, your business will get hampered if this important aspect is not focused. Therefore, office clearance is a task you cannot ignore at any point in time. It is an important activity that will be appreciated by your stakeholders and play a crucial role in taking your business at the next level of success path.

Your office needs to adapt to the time

If your business is in an industry fraught with competition, then keeping up to date remains more significant. You will need to update not only all sorts of IT equipment but also the furniture to keep in pace with the current trends. To this end, using the services of experts in office furniture clearance in London, and any other such clearance services will help you get rid of the old furniture pieces or IT equipment following your business requirements. Professionals will guide you on how to move ahead in it and what are the major steps to be taken for this purpose.

Business expansion or relocation is incomplete without office clearance

When you are about to relocate or expand business in Londonoffice clearance will assume great importance. You will have to mandatorily decide on the 3 things you want to get rid of and dispose of them safely. Working with an experienced office clearance company in London will make your relocation or expansion much smoother and convenient as well. It will attract everybody.

As a business entrepreneur, you obviously would want to look for the easy and professional ways in which you can save your resources—both time and money especially while getting your office cleared.

It is high time to approach Oneplace2save so that you can reach out to professionals to hire the London-based office clearance teams. This way you are going to allow a team of professionals to carry out your office clearance operations with effectiveness and integrity.

Tip and Guides for Office Clearance

When it comes to office clearance, one needs to have a full-proof plan to deal with to avoid any hassle. If you are planning for an office clearance, you should also have a better strategy for project management, apart from a tried and tested plan in place. In this post, we are going to explain some useful tips to help you manage your office clearance properly.

Identify the Items that you need

Before indulging yourself for the office clearance activities, you should go through all the items to know which are important to keep and which are not. You can also get the best possible assistance from a reputed office clearance London company to ensure the task is completed professionally.

Furthermore, you should not be in a hurry when categorizing the items that you want to keep with you or to clear off. You should take your time to decide every single aspect. It will be helpful for your chosen office clearance London agency in estimating the overall time for clearance.

Decide a Final Date for Clearance

It’s necessary to decide the specific data when the entire property needs to be cleared. Of course, the property clearance is something that depends on the size of your property and also the availability of the number of items. But, scheduling your office clearance London helps your provider strategizes the things in a better way to perform the job of house clearance. Accomplish the same will become easy and well planned. You can also expect your contractor will take at least a week for preparing their quote and also additional resources to use.

Hire Right Office Clearance Company

Once you are sure about your office clearance London project, it’s time to hire a reliable agency that possesses vast experience in handling and carrying out such tasks properly. While hiring an office clearance service provider, you need to look for the resources, references, rates, and reputation minutely. Keeping these factors in mind, you will surely end up by hiring a reliable office clearance service provider.

Sell Second-Hand Items

During the process of picking up the clearance items, you may have come across several items that need to be replaced. Take for example furniture, IT equipment, and several other items. You can sell these items to get rid of these and rather opt for the new ones. You can ask your London office clearance agency whether they accept such items or not. If yes, then what rebates you can expect from them.

Final Words

Office clearance is something that indeed involves a lot of hassle. Therefore, you should ascertain proper planning and thoroughness to get your task completed at ease. All you need to do is to get in touch with an experienced London office clearance service provider and follow the right tips to make your job easy. It is possible if you reach up to the genuine parties.

Planning the Clearance of Office Furniture

Those of you who are looking to move your office premises to a new location or willing to reduce the current workspace, then our office clearance London services are the perfect option for you. As experts in this field, we understand and believe that an essential aspect of office clearance is the process of removing office furniture which is of no use any longer.

What furniture does an office usually contain?

Office furniture is of varied types and every piece of furniture generally serves a useful purpose in any organization. The list of office furniture would include but is not limited to desks, chairs, sofas, bookcases, cabinets, tables and chairs for meeting purposes, and so on.

However, with time some of these furniture pieces might no longer be useful and you might want to remove them from your premises or you might wish to recycle some office furniture. This is exactly when an office furniture clearance company in London comes in handy to offer you professional solutions.

How can you plan the clearance of office furniture in London?

Our years of experience in the London office clearance field have taught us that going through your furniture inventory and deciding what is required and what is to be removed is the first step in the furniture clearance process.

After this, you need to create a timeline for the furniture clearance following your office timings, or the end of your lease period with regards to the old office. For this, you can consult our office clearance company from London as we will be able to advise the timeline based on the furniture pieces you want to get removed.

Always hire professional office clearance services based in London that possess a valid license and provides insurance so that you can be assured that your furniture is moved safely and responsibly. Opt for a company like ours because we either sell the furniture to local stores/charities or we recycle furniture pieces reducing the impact on the environment.

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