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If the time has come for you to clear out the attic, you’re moving home, or perhaps you are sorting through a deceased family member or friend’s estate, you can trust in our efficient London house clearance service.

House Clearance London
Reliable House Clearance London

Founded in 2008, oneplace2save is built on man and van services of all kinds. Our multi-service offering helps to make things as easy and stress-free for you as possible. Our experienced team is happy to help with whatever you need us to do in order to complete your London house clearance to the best standard.

Our experienced team can collect items from anywhere on your property, whether it’s from the basement, attic or the depths of a stacked-up garage.

Reliable House Clearance London
Reliable House Clearance Services London & Hertfordshire

Nothing is too much for our House Clearance Team so there is no need to try and manoeuvre any heavy loads yourself. We can do it all when we get there; all you need to do is tell us what to take!

To talk through your options for a London house clearance with a quality offering, you can either fill in our online quote form or contact us directly.

End to End Service

Reliable Carpet Cleaners
Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service North London

From the moment you get in touch with us to discuss a quote, you can guarantee that you will get the best quality, personalised service.

Everybody’s requirements for a London house clearance service are different, which is why we tailor each quote to the situation. If you let us know how much needs clearing, we will plan the right number of vehicles and staff to complete the job in the most efficient manner.

As we’ve mentioned, we’ll do all the lifting and reaching for the things to take. Our expert staff do this day-in, day-out, so they are comfortable lifting and moving all kinds of boxes and heavy objects. They will even take difficult items down the stairs, so do not fret.

Plus, once we’ve collected everything that needs to be moved, we’ll tidy up any trace of us ever being there! Your house will be left in the same state it was in when we arrived.

If you are moving out or it is the end of a tenancy, we can also provide a professional cleaning service for you. Just let us know what you’d like when you contact us for a quote.

House Clearance of All Sizes

Whether it’s your entire home, your garage, shed or some storage space you’ve found a new use for, no job is too big or too small. Maybe you’ve been doing some DIY and need help getting rid of the excess materials and tools from the job.

We can just as easily clear a confined space as we can an entire flat. Simply let us know and we’ll price it up for you.

House Clearance Hertfordshire, Ware, Hertford
House Clearance Hertfordshire, Ware, Hertford

Sensitive Service

While moving out can often be exciting, we do also appreciate that there are just as often circumstances which are difficult, such as the bereavement of a relative. When someone has lived in a house for so long, or if lots of possessions have been hoarded, you can rely on our team to professionally and carefully help with the removal.

The London house clearance team we have on the road are extremely friendly and understanding of whatever your situation may be. At difficult times, you will have lots to think about, so let us relieve the pressure by managing the removal of the required goods.

London House Clearance and More

We will transport the contents of the clearance to storage, a tip, charity shop or recycling, wherever you want it to go. There is more than that, though.

Piano Disposal London
Piano Disposal London and Hertfordshire

We are keen on recycling as much as we can. By doing so, we can help to reduce the thousands of tons of rubbish being dumped in British landfill sites each year.

If you have any old tech or IT equipment, we can also safely dispose of that. As a strong contender in the London house clearance market, we take pride in our ability to responsibly dispose of and recycle IT equipment which complies to GDPR and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives. Trust in us to provide the best options for you and the environment.

Our London house clearance staff are uniformed, so you know exactly who they are and can be comfortable in allowing them to get the job done.

For further insight to the extent of our house clearance offering, here is a non-exhaustive list of things we can help to clear:

  • House and flat
  • Garage and garden
  • Cupboards and bookcases
  • Wood, paint, DIY tools and kit
  • Carpet, curtains, blinds and furniture
  • Fridges, freezers and other white goods
  • Professional cleaning

Get in Touch

If you would like oneplace2save to manage all aspects of your house clearance, you can guarantee you will get only the best from our multi-service company and experienced team.

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction in every single job and do this by focusing all of our efforts around what you require from our personalised offering.

For further confirmation that our London house clearance service is efficient, friendly and great value, read through our reviews.

Getting to Know the Process of House Clearance Services in London

House Clearance London
House Clearance London

A house clearance is a process that helps clear the unwanted items from home. It becomes pertinent especially when you decide to sell or rent your property to seek more monetary value. Such cases are also there when you are seeking to create extra space at home or finally let go of the things of a deceased person to get closure in life.

Perhaps, the most convenient way to get a house clearance done is to work with the highly skilled and professional London house clearance service providers. Oneplace2save is one such name for your hassle-free as well as budget-friendly services. Read on to know how the process of house clearance works in the London area, and how efficiently they work to your utmost satisfaction.

Contact a professional house clearance service company 

Based on the extensive referrals and research, you will first have to find a reliable and genuine house clearance company in London to accomplish such tasks. Get in touch with them to let them know what exactly your requirements are and how you should move ahead with them.

You will also have to ask them to provide you with a budget estimate for that purpose. You can plan the clearance act in a better way upon understanding the knowhow of the whole task to be done.

Prepare for a site survey plan 

Once you contact a reputed house clearance company, it will probably send a team for a site survey thereafter to better understand your requirements. They will then give you a concrete estimate based on the job to be done. You should ascertain by doing a thorough interaction with such teams to get to know that particular London house clearance company well and whom you had approached to avail the services for the exclusivity of the services they should offer you.

Book the clearance service after assessment 

After the site survey is done and you have put forth your requirements, cleared your doubts, and have found the budget estimate suitable to you, the next step is that you go ahead booking your chosen house clearance services in London on a date and time which is feasible to you. Plan it accordingly to avail of professional services in the stipulated time.

Let the clearance be done

On your booked date and time, the clearance team will arrive and help you move and clear out the entire house or parts of it, whatever you have decided as the final clearance task to be completed.

Your house clearance in London will be done swiftly and without any trouble whatsoever. The professional company will take the clearance contents to the storage to either donate that to a charity whichever will be possible.

Most often they dispose of it safely or recycle it. It all will depend on what materials and items are cleared during your house clearance services London process. It will be a step by step process to get things completed professionally under the guidance of experts.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our house clearance company- Oneplace2save and avail the best services. Be assured of getting the best of the best service in London by the professional house clearance service providers.

Unique Features of House Clearance Services

The old household items at home not only occupy the overall space but also impact it adversely on the beauty of your home. So, it becomes necessary to remove such items on regular intervals to make your house clean to ensure you can use those spaces for some better purposes.

House clearance services London serves the same purpose. It helps you get rid of all those unwanted items in your house which you don’t require and are seeking to get them removed with professional assistance.

What are House Clearance Services All About?

A house clearance is generally the process of removing old contents from the house to clear the occupied space and make every bit of the house most usable. It also involves removing the partial or full of contents of a house. A professional house clearance London is helpful for you when you wish to get rid of the unwanted clutter and to prepare your house for a new occupation.

House clearance services London is common among those landlords who seek to make their flats ready to rent again for the new occupants. Moreover, if you are also planning to downsize your home, you need to hire top-notch house clearance services.

Meanwhile, the job of house cleaning involves lots of complications. And, this is the reason why people prefer to hire professional house clearance London service rather than doing the job on their own.

What does House Clearance Service Include?

So, if you need house clearance, your first job is to hire a reliable London house clearance firm. To search them easily, you can also explore the local listings and browse until you find the best match. Once you spot the right service provider, you should thoroughly discuss your requirements.

Once you discuss your requirements clearly with your service provider, they will then discuss their jobs with you. They will also ask you to get the details about the actual size of the property and how much content needs to be removed from your living place. Your firm will then assign a person to survey the overall area that needs to be cleared by and then, will prepare a final quote. As far as the cost is concerned, it depends on the number of content to be removed.

Decide what you need to keep

Before your London house clearance company begins their task, you need to identify the necessary items that you want to keep. Whether you wish the entire items should be cleared or the selected ones, you need to tell your actual requirements to your house clearance services to get the task completed professionally.


Being a responsible person, it’s necessary to think about the disposal of the waste that comes after your home clearance. These items are a major threat to the environment. Therefore, you must ensure the house clearance service provider you hire disposes of the waste in an environment-friendly manner.

How Beneficial is a House Clearance Service Company?

Is the day of your moving out from your old home to your new home coming closer and making you feel anxious? Well, this is quite normal because apart from balancing your emotions associated with the old house, what is required is house clearance. So, house clearance in London generally includes de-cluttering the mess around the premises; moving furniture from one location to another; disposing of any kind of waste materials and so on.

Here are the many advantages of working with a house clearance company.

The clearance team thoroughly assesses your property and goods  

You can ask the London based house clearance team to come and assess your property as well as the good to be moved. Such e team can help you analyze and to decide which things are required and which can be discarded or recycled, thus making things convenient for you.

You will not have to make your hands dirty anyway 

It means that you will have to do no work at all once you hire a professional like us to get the best house clearance in London. You do not have to bother about moving any heavy furniture or heavy household items because the experts would have the necessary equipment to do so.

You can save your time and resources 

When you decide to move out to another home, all you have to do is contact the London house clearance services and let them do their job. You do not have to waste your time as every single thing gets done by the professional team.

The company offers you affordable pricing plan to ensure that you move out without a hole in your pocket.

The house clearance companies are highly responsible ones  

Most of the house clearance services in London are insured and have the necessary license that means they are accountable for their actions. So, you do not have to worry about their authenticity. Your household items get removed by them safely.

Companies are eco-friendly as well

Right from ensuring that the waste gets disposed of safely to recycling the household items- companies are bound to be eco-friendly allowing you an opportunity to do your bit for the environment.

To avail the above benefits, do get in touch with our best house clearance service in London and enjoy your peace of mind.

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