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Whether you are moving home, clearing out a garage or shed, or have the difficult task of dealing with a deceased loved one’s home and possessions, house clearances in London can be a stressful business.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed with such a big life change, particularly if it is linked to a loss or a significant change in circumstances. However, there are measures you can take to manage the process more effectively.

OnePlace2Save has been providing house clearance services in London for more than a decade. In this blog, we’ve outlined our five top tips for reducing stress during your London house clearance.

• Plan ahead
• Have a clearout
• Itemise and take photographs
• Unload boxes into the right rooms
• Hire professionals

Plan Ahead

It may not always be possible, but, if you can plan your move or house clearance in London in advance, it will help to make you feel more in control and reduce the stress which a big move can cause. The further in advance you know you will be moving or requiring a house clearance service, the better.
If you are going it alone, planning ahead makes life easier for you and anyone who is helping you to move. If, on the other hand, you are going to use a professional London house clearance service, such as OnePlace2Save, notifying us in advance means we can plan times and routes to accomplish the job with maximum efficiency.
However, even if the need arises suddenly, OnePlace2Save will do our utmost to accommodate your request.

Have a Clearout

Again, this is where planning your move in advance comes in handy. When we leave things until the last minute, we are far more likely to just pack up everything and bring it with us to our next house. How many of us have transported odd socks, the unused contents of our spice rack, and years’ worth of instructions for electrical items we no longer own to multiple homes?

Not only is this a waste of resources and effort, but it’s also bad feng shui, as you are literally carrying excess baggage into the next phase of your life.

Whether you try the Marie Kondo method of chucking anything, which doesn’t ‘spark joy’ or just approach your belongings with a logical view, having a clearout is cathartic, as well as practical, before making a move.

As the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ so sorting through your belongings may actually unearth some sellable items. From old mobile phone chargers to toys, books, and clothes, you can list items you no longer use but are still in good condition.

Furniture can also be sold or donated to charity. You could also up cycle tired pieces to match your new décor, it’s entirely up to you. There are also websites that recycle old mobile phones and laptops in an eco-friendly manner and may pay you for your unwanted devices.

Itemize and Take Photographs

Once you have gotten rid of all your junk, it will be much easier to see what you are left with. The next stage is to pack.

The best way to do this is to pack up each room in turn, writing a list and ticking off each item in turn. You could also take photographs of everything before you pack it away, that way you have a record of the condition before it was packed and moved. This is a particularly good idea if the items are of significant value, or you are picking up a relative’s house after a bereavement.

Fragile items should be wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and boxes shouldn’t be overloaded. For instance, just because you can fit more books in a box, doesn’t mean you, or anyone for that matter, will be able to lift and carry the box, no matter how strong or well trained for the task they are. Instead, add cushions or small light items to boxes of heavy items before you tape them up.

Remember to label boxes clearly with their designated room and/or contents.

If you are packing up the possessions of a loved one after they have passed away, it may help to label boxes in terms of where they are going, such as ‘auction’ ‘charity shop’ and ‘keep’.

We understand that this can be a painful task and are sensitive to your needs. Whether you just want items gone or are understandably worried about precious items being lost or damaged in transit, we treat our customers and their belongings with the utmost care.

Let us know what goes where, and we’ll do the rest. Should you need us to, we can pack, transport, unpack or dispose of a wide range of furniture, belongings, and equipment. All our drivers are fully insured for Goods in Transit and Public Liability, so in the unlikely event the worst happens and something does get lost or damaged in our care, you can rest assured it won’t end up costing you money.

Unload Boxes into the Right Rooms

If you labelled your boxes clearly and held on to your lists, it will make unpacking much, much easier.
Identify items you will need urgently – such as cutlery, tools, and toiletries – locate the boxes and unpack those first.

A lot of people have a spare room or box room where they store boxes when they move in. However, not only is there little incentive to unpack anything if it is not in your way and you don’t need it immediately, but you can also forget what you own and unnecessarily repurchase items you may already possess.

Instead, take each box into the correct room and unpack systematically until everything has a place.
If you had a proper clearout before packing, you should only have what you need, and what you love.
Finally, store seasonal items, such as Christmas trees or sun loungers, out of the way, to maximize space.

Hire Professionals

Hiring an experienced team such as OnePlace2Save for your London house clearance means that we can take away not only the heavy lifting but a lot of the stress of moving or clearing a house after bereavement.
Our movers will be happy to collect and unload furniture and boxes into the correct rooms, or deliver them to their new destination, according to your instructions.

We can help you unpack, reconnect electrical items such as washing machines and fridges, and fit light bulbs for you. Our friendly movers will even suggest storage solutions based on their vast experience of house moves and hang picture frames for you. Whatever you need, it is our pleasure to provide.

This above-and-beyond service, coupled with more than a decade of experience, and reasonable, personalized quotes have earned us an excellent reputation. You can check out some of our glowing reviews, or get in touch to discuss your needs.


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